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“I Earn More Than A Teacher In Ghana – Trotro Mate Brags About His Work

A commercial bus conductor, popularly called trotro mate in Ghanaian parlance, has opened up about his job.

Speaking to Akomapa FM, the Kumasi-based trotro mate claimed that his field of endeavour fetches him more income than some of his peers in the white-collar professions.

In a video spotted on TikTok, the trotro mate outlandishly asserted that his job was, for instance, better than the teaching profession in Ghana.

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The trotro mate made this claim on the basis that he makes more money than an average teacher in Ghana. He said aside from his daily earnings, which range between GH¢80 to GH¢200, there are other benefits such as money for lunch and free transportation to wherever he wishes to go within his operational area.

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For this reason, the young man suggested that any unemployed individual, who is skilled with numbers and possesses strong interpersonal communication, should consider becoming a trotro mate as the job pays well.

“In this mate job, you will get free lunch, and free transportation to wherever you want to go/ So for this reason, I can confidently say that the mate job is better than teaching, because I earn more than them,” he said.

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