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Life in USA is boring, so I returned to Upper East to continue my teaching – Wilfred Akapanga

The Chief Executive Officer of Reality Maker LTD and Business Coach, Dr. Wilfred Akapanga, has revealed that he chose to return to Ghana in the Upper East Region despite having the opportunity to live his life abroad. This comes at a time when many Ghanaians, especially professionals, are busy writing professional exams and applying for visas to stay and work in advanced countries.

He claims that he does not want to live beyond the region because there are many unrealized prospects there.

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He notes that several of his close friends were surprised by his decision to stay inside the country, and he adds that he spent his weekend there while working in the Ashanti Region during the week.

“I had the opportunity to run away so that I would remain (abroad but I didn’t). People were surprised that I had my passport with me and then we went for a programme abroad and usually on those occasions, they would cease your passport because they are afraid you may run away but I had my passport and everything intact. But nothing at all motivated me to think of that,” he stated.

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“I lived in a Ghanaian family home for about a week and apparently, the man was living with his nephew that we never set eyes on for those number of days. What was the reason? He only came out at night to work because he hadn’t gotten his papers right”.

“I said what? Is that the kind of life here? A man and a wife are living in the same house and for a week, they probably may not set eyes on each other and that’s the nature of life there. Some people may fancy that life but I didn’t fancy it. I love my freedom to do things the way I want and I think that life is all about happiness”.He added.

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