Can I get a clean break if we agree to spousal maintenance?

Can I get a clean break if we agree to spousal maintenance?

Assuming continuous spousal support frequently prevents you from having a clean break. If there is a continuing spousal maintenance arrangement, either party may ask for the payment to be adjusted in response to changing circumstances. If the person paying the spousal support happens to be wealthy, for instance, they may also request that the upcoming spousal maintenance be converted into a lump amount.

There are instances where the agreed-upon spousal support payment is paid in full up front, which does provide a clean split.

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Some divorced spouses decide to pay spousal maintenance in minimal amounts. Here, a £1 annual payment order is established (which is typically not paid in cash). This permits the amount to be increased under a spousal maintenance order in the event that the family’s circumstances significantly alter, for as when a child requires more support. A minimal maintenance order does not lead to a clean break consent order.

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