Hiring a Business Speaker in the Insurance and Finance Sector

Hiring a Business Speaker in the Insurance and Finance Sector

According to a 2020 Natixis Investments poll, one of the best methods to prospect for new clients is through events and experiences like private client dinners and seminars. Employing a business speaker can help insurance and financial companies with the following:

  • Client Appreciation and Employee Engagement
  • Association Meetings
  • Annual Conferences
  • Diversity Training
  • Wholesaler Events
  • Sales Meetings

Engaging a noteworthy keynote speaker, business speaker, or celebrity guest provides your audience and clients with an unforgettable experience.

Advantages of a Keynote Speaker for Business
How Can a Keynote Speaker Help Your Company?
To elevate your next client gratitude or staff engagement event, consider inviting a corporate speaker or guest speaker. The best speakers for these kinds of events are those who can captivate an audience and leave a lasting impression. An NHL coach may be hired by a Canadian firm, while a former Philadelphia Eagle might be the guest speaker at a financial consultant’s event in Philadelphia.

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Obtaining Insurance and Funds Speakers at Keynotes
How to Choose the Ideal Keynote Address for the Insurance and Finance Sector
It’s crucial to make sure you understand your audience when choosing a speaker to bring to your event. We can assist you in focusing your search.

Think about inviting a guest speaker who shares their interests. Will having a former athlete like Ron Jaworski speak to your audience be enjoyable? Alternatively, perhaps Olympian and medallist Margaret Hoelzer might be more appealing to them.

Though they come from quite diverse backgrounds, these two speakers are able to tackle issues that are comparable. Getting the ideal keynote speaker for your audience can help you get the most out of any possible advantages.

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Your industry is important, but so is your audience. Hiring a speaker with experience in the finance or insurance industries would be a wise decision, as these sectors are the center of our attention.

Selecting a Speaker for Business
Which Speakers for Businesses Should You Hire?
You should think about hiring someone like Greg Offner if you’re organizing an insurance-related event. Greg is a multi-talented entertainer who helps develop high-performing leaders by fusing educational sessions with his musical performances.

But prior to this, Greg oversaw international marketing and sales initiatives for several Fortune 100 companies. Offner is a fantastic speaker for this area because he negotiated complex insurance and risk management plans for major commercial enterprises.

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