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Clearing a Warrant in California

Clearing a Warrant in California

Some of the arguments that your lawyer should raise include:

1. You Did Not Receive a Notice to Appear in Court- If you are released on bond or personal recognizance, the court requires you to return to court on a certain day. If you do not get a notice, your counsel should argue that you did not violate the court’s order by neglecting to attend.

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2. When you appear in court with your lawyer before an arrest warrant is resolved, you may argue that you did not commit the offense for which the warrant was obtained.

3. Your Charges Were Brushed Off- While your expenditures may be brushed off, a warrant for your arrest remains ongoing.

This might be the outcome of a misunderstanding between the police and the judicial system. If this is the case, your lawyer can use this argument to seek a release on your behalf.

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4. You Must Complete All Probation Periods- If you fail to comply with the requirements of probation, a bench warrant may be issued. To stabilize a launch where there is already a warrant, your lawyer should explain that you met all criteria but did not aware you needed proof. Find a California Criminal Defense Lawyer Near Me. Seeking jail assistance as soon as you discover there is a warrant for your arrest is critical to challenging its legitimacy.

If there is a warrant for your arrest in California, we urge you to contact a CA Criminal Attorney.

CA Criminal Defense Lawyers have committed their life to the profession and will be at your side throughout the case if you have any questions or worries regarding the procedure.

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