Pacminer scams more than GHS90,000 from over 800,000 Ghanaians.

As we Ghanaians never seem to learn, Pacminer has conned nearly 800,000 of us, while other people
have lost money in the NAM1 gold scam. Millions of Ghanaian cedis are thought to have been lost in investments and earnings by investors.

In Pacminer, all one needed to do was purchase a machine and turn it on each day to make sure the owner was mining. However, all Pacminer investors are calculating their losses as we print this.

As of the time of publishing, no Pacminer investor had been successful in withdrawing their money. The money earned by those who cashed out has not been received. Since the early hours of December
26, the administrators of their official WhatsApp groups and purported management have remained

Ghanaians who started out as investors before switching to support administrative roles have also
been denied the opportunity to withdraw their profits. There is no sign of the primary

As per their operational protocols, Pacminer stipulated that individuals who are interested must register on their portal, make a deposit of GHS150 or more, and use the money to purchase mining
machines. The sums of GHS150.00 to GHS100,000 that individual miners have placed into buying Pacminer’s cloud computing devices. They give you a daily income in exchange for this, which is based on the profits each of their machines that you have purchased generates.

They offered a weekly salary ranging from $6 to $250 to anyone who had at least 30 referrals under them, in addition to weekly bonuses for those who introduced more clients. There are late investors who are counting their losses, despite the fact that many have made enormous profits from the Pacminer.

Investors seeking to develop digital financial assets considered Pacminer to be a respectable business.
by promises, supplied documentation, and other concrete actions. Many Ghanaians signed up for
Pacminer and encouraged their friends and relatives to do the same. Due to unpaid cashouts, investors had cause to suspect that something was amiss between December 24 and December 27. After receiving multiple complaints from Pacminer users who were mining digital currency about cashout delays, on December 26th, they were led to believe that the Telcos (MTN and VODAFONE) did not process payments on holidays, which is why Pacminer investors were not receiving their earnings on time.

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The regular evening meetings began at around 7 dclock, after which the Abisbank app was announced. Its purpose was to enable the timely payment of wages to miners. People eagerly downloaded and installed the software, which turned out to be an extremely intrusive program that has access to all of your phone’s data, as a result of the excitement surrounding the rough tops. Around 10 a.m. on December 27, the concerns of more than 800,000 miners on Pacminer were validated. With millions of Ghanaian cedis in investments, the Company has vanished.

They vanished without a trace, including corporate capital, education fees, loans, and money that others held in trust for others. Close to 800,000 Ghanaians scammed by Pacminer, other lost over GHS90,000
The image below shows an investor who has lost $6274.07 in earnings as a result of the sudden disappearance of Pacminer. This translates into GHS94,111.05

The image below shows an investor who has lost$6274.07 in earnings as a result of the sudden is appearance of Pacminer. This translates intoGHS94,111.05The last set of messages sent to Pacminer investors before they got to know they had been scammed. There were red flags, but Pacminer managed to defeat them. They did not have an easy-to-locate physical address.

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They said they had the blessings of the government of Ghana. The government of Ghana charged investors 15% tax on withdrawals, except on the last day or first day of the month. They had a registration certificate with the registrar general department, and one could find Pacminer Blockchain Technology registered through a name search. They started an NGO and made every one believe they were genuine.

They slashed their investment costs for machines by 50% easily. They gave 10% discount for those who transferred money into their inescapable accounts using USDT indirectly; they were accumulating their income out of Ghana for easy spending and transfer elsewhere.

The introduced their Pac Fund which gave investors 400% returns in 5 days. Thus, if you invest 400$ in five days, your total income would be $2000. First of all I wish you all a Merry Christmas VIP Benefits of this Group

1. Invite new members to activate M1 M2 machines get $2 bonus

  1. Invite new members to activate the M4 machine get $4 bonus
  2. Invite new members to activate the M6 machine and get $18 bonus
  3. Invite new members to activate the S2 machine and get a bonus of $6 Activate 2 machines and get $12
  4. Invite new members to activate the S3 machine get a bonus of $30 Activate 2 machines and get $60
  5. Invite new members to activate the S4 machine and get a bonus of *$20 Activate 3 machines get $60
  6. Guide level 1 members to purchase S3 to get $10 reward
  7. Guide level 1 members to purchase S4 to get $8 reward
  8. Guide level 1 members to purchase M6 to get $5 reward
  9. Share deposit and withdrawal screenshots to get $0.2 bonus
  10. Get weekly salary from 6$ upwards when your team members reach 30+ going. These members comprises of the total of your level 1-3 members
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Regarding the withdrawal delay that everyone is discussing, let me explain to you. As we all know, today’s Christmas is a holiday for everyone, including MTN and Vodafone staff, but Pacminer cooperates with major suppliers and will have some staff on duty to review and approve all withdrawals, so today part of There may be a delay in member withdrawals, but every member here knows that Pacminer promises that withdrawals will not take more than 48 hours. Even if the withdrawal reached 900,000 users on the tax-free day last month, Pacminer and relevant departments still honor it. It is promised that everyone’s withdrawal will arrive within 48 hours, so please don’t worry at all. Pacminer has been operating for 5 years and no member has suffered a loss. Please remember that your withdrawal will not exceed 48 hours at the latest. Please be more patient.

your withdrawal will not exceed 48 hours at the latest. Please be more patient. The tax-free days for this month are Thursday and Friday, December 28 and 29. Please let your colleagues know that withdrawals made on tax-free days are not subject to a 15% processing fee. We appreciate your help with Pacminer.

What is Known About Investors and Pacminer On Pacmine, a dollar was worth GHS15.00. Several of the investors who first joined Pacminer have acquired vehicles, other properties, etc. Payouts to investors’ Momo accounts were processed within a maximum of 48 hours. Pacminer vanished from Ghana and then surfaced again in Cameroon.

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