Political parties can never satisfy all of us – Kumi Guitar

Ahead of the country’s December 7 elections, a lot of renowned Ghanaian personalities have called on the citizenry to maintain peace and unity with musician Kumi Guitar also adding his voice to the general chorus.

The Zylofon signee in advancing the cause of peace has advised Ghanaians to accept the outcome of the elections in good faith due to the fact that no political party can truly make all Ghanaians happy.

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He said that every Ghanaian has a choice during the polls and that should not lead to violence. “No one can make all of us feel comfortable, but if you need to vote, it is a choice. There is no violence in this. It is my choice if I want to vote for someone or not. Whoever wins, some people will benefit and others won’t benefit and this cycle repeats itself over and over again.”

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He called on electorates to cast their votes based on policies and principles. “Don’t reveal to anyone who you voted for. Just move forward and vote if you want to. Focus on the policies these political parties have and not how the candidates look.”

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