Why the new iPhone SE keeps getting Rave reviews

Apple’s latest iPhone SE, a revival of the mega company’s less prohibitive cost phone which was initially released in 2016 and was halted two years later, becomes available on Friday after preorders began last week. The iPhone SE which has moved back to include the home button and also utilizes Apple’s latest chip technology starts selling at $399, a considerably lower price than Apple’s other high-end phones. Now, the first reviews of the device have begun and they all toe the same line in all giving heavy praises to the amount of value the tech giant has included in its latest hone release.

Even though she has called Apple’s latest iPhone SE an iPhone for individuals who have a hate for new phones, The Wall Street Journal’s Joanna Stern has called the iPhone SE a very great and powerful phone although she is not overly impressed with the battery life of the new phone released.

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In his review of the new iPhone to The Verge, Dieter Bohn is of the view that the nature and price of the SE make it have a strong case against the $1,000 priced iPhone. Bohn gives the SE an 8.5 rating out of a possible 10, lavishing praise on the battery life, the constant software updates for some years, and the camera. He was critical of the smaller screen, and noisy low-light photos and also said to be tired of the big bezels the phone has.

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For individuals who want to purchase the latest iPhone, it makes purchasing the latest phone for a price less than $700 a lot easier, Bohn says. Before this week, you would be choosing between switching to Android devices or refurbs.

In reviewing the latest iPhone SE for Wired, Lauren Goode gives the latest device a rating of 8 out of 10, whiles praising the value of buying an iPhone for such a low price. She labels it a tiny bit of good news for you those who would rather spend $400 than $1000 on buying a new iPhone.

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Goode calls the camera of the SE extremely capable even though it is not in the same league as the high-end iPhones whiles also giving praises to the inclusion of the home button and its ability to charge wirelessly. On the downside, Goode was of the view that its lack of 5G capability, smaller display, relatively short battery life, and lackluster speakers were the issues wrong with the phone.

The iPhone SE is currently not available at the Apple Stores which still remained closed until the earliest possible date of 11th May. Instead, those who need the phone can order them online.

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