Promises Behavioral Health Releases Rehab Tracking Alumni Program.

Promises Behavioral Health Releases Rehab Tracking Alumni Program.

Promises Behavioral Health Releases Rehab Tracking Alumni Program. An alumni program has been created by Promises Behavioral Health, a renowned addiction and mental health treatment facility, to assist clients in continuing their recovery after receiving initial care. All ten of Promises’ addiction treatment centers will offer the Rooted alumni program to its clients at no additional cost.

The Rooted alumni program was developed with the knowledge that clients require ongoing assistance beyond their time in treatment. Through ongoing check-ins with alumni coordinators at the facility and provision of vital resources for addiction and mental health recovery, this program offers clients that support. Additionally, each facility holds weekly on-site alumni meetings, sober group excursions, volunteer opportunities in the community, and homecoming celebrations; all aimed at promoting social interaction and provide a forum for sharing experiences of.

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The National Director of Alumni of Promises Behavioral Health, Patrick Custer, states, “This program is so important for maintaining peer to peer connection.” “We want to continue instilling hope in each of our clients’ lives and to rekindle the positive emotions that treatment brings.”

All clients who successfully finish their treatment plan within the Promises Behavioral Health network of facilities will be eligible to apply for the Rooted alumni program. Clients will gain from this program by receiving the skills necessary to sustain long-term recovery outcomes and fellowship opportunities, which have been shown to contribute to lifelong sobriety. Based on research, relapse and mental health symptoms can be decreased by combining sober living alternatives, behavioral health treatment, and “life-affirming” alumni programs.

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Concerning Promises Behavioral Health
A family of mental treatment facilities, Promises mental treatment offers regional brands such The Ranch, Promises, The Right Step, and Clarity Way. As of right now, the business has locations in Texas, Tennessee, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. Promises provides thorough, cutting-edge addiction treatment programs for trauma, eating disorders, substance abuse, and other mental health conditions. The company’s programs are dedicated to providing scientifically advanced treatment that encourages long-term lifestyle modification for the patient as well as the patient’s extended family.

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