Three common categories of search terms

Three common categories of search terms

We’re focusing on these three because… Let’s review the three primary categories of keyword searches and their purposes. These three are the five separate categories where we have the highest possibility of competing for the top SERP spots.

Queries for informational searches
You may be looking to fix your recreational vehicle, find out the time in Tallahassee, or find out who the first woman in space was. A significant percentage of everyday Google search queries are of this kind.

Providing comprehensive and educational material that is tailored to address certain queries that users enter into Google is the foundation of targeted SEO and the whole keyword research concept for this kind of “user.”

or that will help consumers with more difficult chores. Frequently as How-To articles and/or Guides. These are frequently intended to offer the reader a helpful response or answer along with suggestions and the writer’s expertise.

The goal of Google’s search engine results page (SERP) is to point consumers in the direction of the best solutions for their “keyword search.” displaying results to the visitor from reliable, reputable websites with a high level of competence.

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Search searches for transactions
These are often searches trying to book a hotel in Miami, buy a ticket for a show, buy a new pair of shoes, or make a transactional purchase.

However, this kind of search need not necessarily be related to financial activities. An additional definition of a transaction is a “Do” request. frequently to find a certain resource.

Thus, this kind of user may merely be looking for a song to listen to, a specific movie to view, or the next performance date for a specific singer. Each of them is included in transactional searches.

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Search searches for navigation
This specific search may be looking for directions, the address of a hotel, a street in Tallahassee, or your company. To learn more about how to appear in local business searches for this kind of search, check out our Google My Business page.

However, these primarily relate to “Navigational” searches that look for a certain website.

These might be your website name in Florida or YouTube. Thus, it’s the location where the user is specifically trying to discover a certain brand or website.

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Examples of typical terms people enter may include Netflix Sci-Fi,, or Airbnb Tallahassee. They want to be able to navigate straight to a specific, reliable source for information.

Your marketing is working wonders and your name is starting to become a well-known, authoritative brand if people start searching for your specific site name and it becomes a popular search!

Commercial research
Right here. The searcher is trying to find a certain item or service that will meet their requirements.

It could be used to contrast two brands, as Ford and Dodge, for instance. Alternatively, they can be looking for a product like “SEO experts for hotels” that would solve their problem.

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